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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 11:50:48 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Bourdieu and Mauss

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998 wrote:

> Ulle wrote: >So this is my question to you: Does anyone know of a text in
> which Bourdieu
> >himself directly refers to Mauss and the Techniques of the Body? Or do you
> of meaning, i.e. habitus. No clues in these book either on a direct
> reference to a Bourdieu text which talks about Mauss and Techniques of the
> Body. Perhaps you can write a book about that, to fill out this gap? (Note:
> a bit of irony here.)

Loic Wacquant discusses the relationship between Mauss and Bourdieu in his
introduction to An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology.  

On page 149 (English trad.), Bourdieu says "Language is a technique of the
body." A footnote (103) informs the reader: "The notion of the body" is
borrowed from Mauss's (1950) seminal essay bearing the same title."

I hope this opens a door for your research.

-Pat Scott

University of Idaho Anthropology



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