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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 22:13:21 EDT
Subject: Re: teaching undergrads Bourdieu

I wrote a dissertation (in Sociology) on "opportunity" students (i.e. students
provided college access as a consequence of historical financial and
educational disadvantage) in higher education. I drew liberally on Bourdieu's
concepts in my work. In that I am currently employed at Rutgers as an
administrator, I have had difficulty finding the time to publish my work.
Moreover, I find that "administrators" as a group know little to nothing of
social theory in general and certainly not of Bourdieu. We/they are too busy
dealing with everyday problems. Scholars (even educational theorists), on the
other hand, tend to be far removed from the "practical" concerns of
administrators and the real lives and practices of students. I would love to
know more about what you are doing and would have liked the opportunity to
contribute to the volume you mentioned. I would like to share some of my work
with you.

Dr. Greg Metz
Rutgers University
Livingston College
Dean's Office 
Piscataway NJ


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