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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:00:52 -0600
Subject: Re: teaching undergrads Bourdieu -Reply

I agree with you Kent. What does it mean to make a language plain
anyway? Why do we protect students to read original works? I
remember during my own undergraduate years at the Free university of
Brussels, we had to read all classical theorists' original work. I can tell
you that reading Auguste Comte Positive Philosophy was not at all fun
nor easy. But at least I learned why I disliked his obsessive writing.
Making Bourdieu's language plain is to make reading unbourdieuesque.
This quarter for my social change class students are reading Tonnies'
Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, of course they complain about it. It is my
role to guide their readings with some themes and discovery questions. 
My challenge in teaching is how to teach reading to students  .


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