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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:57:47 +0900
Subject: acteur, agent, sujet

Hello every one,
	What about a discussion on subjet and actors and  agent... ?

I remember I read somewhere an explication by Bourdieu about his choice of
the word "agent" to give an account of the way people relate and are related
to social constraint, biographical and social determinations. Still, as he
introduced the concept of "strategie" to balance the dominancy  he
attributed to the concept of 'habitus",  I will be interested in hearing
about how people on this forum think about (and eventualy oppose) a
sociology centrated on "actors" (Crozier, Touraine) to Bourdieu's approch
and his choice of the word "agent".
Last, how does Bourdieu regard approches in term of "sujet", the one that
was so strongly rejected after the death of Sartres, by Foucault for

Any reference welcome.



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