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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:50:41 +0000
Subject: Re: acteur, agent, sujet

Interesting that you should raise this question of 'agent' and 'actor'
since I was somewhat suprised that in the recent book on Bourdieu "Culture
& Power:the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu by David Swartz (Chigago 1997) he
uses the term actor and I found myself mentally reading this as 'agent'. I
cannot find the page references right now, but if anyone is interested I
can look them up. To some, the distinction may seem a slight one, but it is
obviously not.
Roger Cook
Reading University
>Hello every one,
>        What about a discussion on subjet and actors and  agent... ?
>I remember I read somewhere an explication by Bourdieu about his choice of
>the word "agent" to give an account of the way people relate and are related
>to social constraint, biographical and social determinations. Still, as he
>introduced the concept of "strategie" to balance the dominancy  he
>attributed to the concept of 'habitus",  I will be interested in hearing
>about how people on this forum think about (and eventualy oppose) a
>sociology centrated on "actors" (Crozier, Touraine) to Bourdieu's approch
>and his choice of the word "agent".
>Last, how does Bourdieu regard approches in term of "sujet", the one that
>was so strongly rejected after the death of Sartres, by Foucault for
>Any reference welcome.



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