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Subject: Re: Bourdieu's health
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:47:33 +0100

I'm sorry for giving reason to such a controversy . I may understand Xoan's
and others' reactions, but my intention was only to get a clearer
information about this particular issue (and I thought this was the logical
place to know it). As other poeple suggested, we may reformulate this
question in 'sociological terms'.

I just hope that Nikos re-evalues his position: this is list about
'Bourdieu', and I made a question about him, even if it is 'disapprovable'.
I was not talking about the conflict in Yugoslavia. And you cannot say (or
imply) that, for putting the question I did, I'm not shocked with the
events that are taking place there - if you want such an open discussion,
just propose it to the other list members.


Hugo Mendes

P.S.: I keep my question: if somebody has some information, please mail me
'off' list to: 



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