File spoon-archives/bourdieu.archive/bourdieu_1999/bourdieu.9905, message 58

Subject: Re: Bourdieu's health and slave morality
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 22:40:24 PDT

something like that...hummm well perhaps, but bourdieu tried to bridge the 
gap between language and practice as noone else has including 
derrida...translations..what is that??? writing in the stream of power? 
there is no zero degree of writing, but why write in the capitalist/slave 
morality form?  too much PLAIN shit gets Nietzsche says, 
with the little bird "what do we matter"? don't get hung up on the 
subjectivity of "translation" so you feel better about you 
have you know your habitus

>From: Ostrow/Kaneda <>
>Subject: Re: Bourdieu's health and slave morality
>Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 00:24:46 -0400
>Dear Maria Farrell What is being pointed out is that  are posts are a
>wonderful example of Bourdieu's  theory of practice, but unfortunately, we
>forgot that Bourdieu's theory of Practice is not only concerned with truth
>and the terms by which it is established , but also with the necessity
>that each of us must remain self conscious and self-reflexive as to the
>position from which we speak. Or something like that.

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