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Subject: Re: Language
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 08:47:32 PDT

>Whilst agreeing with some of the sentiments re discourse (Adorno was right
>on the bourgeois imperative for clarification), I must demur from others
>and agree with Gellner when he says that just because the world is
>tortured and difficult doesn't mean we have to write in such a way.  Take
>some post-modernist / post-structuralist writing - his is more a case of
>torturing the reader, or a lesson in saying nothing at great length.  It
>has much in common with the sort of obfuscation one associates with
>spindoctors and civil servants' public discourse.
>With best wishes,

torturing the reader? Post-structuralism says nothing?Not that one has to be 
a disciple of Bourdieu to be in this newsgroup, but that is a rather broad 
and anti-bourieuian  statement...or at least an ignorance of his writings


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