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Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 10:13:26 +0100
Subject: Pink Floyd, subjectivity/objectivity

I have hidden titles for Pink Floyd songs in the following text. How many
can you find? Please give your answers to me direct
("") and not to the Bourdieu-list. There is no
price, just the glory.
One of the dilemmas, for me, is how to combine a study of opinions
(phenomenology) with a study of objective structures. This dilemma is
perhaps neither hard to solve, nor a cause for great sorrow, if one
possesses ideas on methodology and are fairly experiences as a researcher.
If you have any ideas how to combine study of opinions with a study of
objective structures, then I wish you were here, on the list, to tell me
how. My query is perhaps "outside" the topics discussed on the list, who
knows? If this is so, and my topic is "wrong", I'd perhaps better run like
hell out of here! However, I argue that opinions are expressed with words
and phrases using concepts and terms and these concepts are created prior
to the individual. He/she is using pre-constructed concepts to express
opinions. Now, these opinions are sometimes of a certain kind in certain
social settings (contexts) and there are possibly additional kinds of
opinions in other social settings. (In one group it might be o.k. to say
that "the delicate sound of thunder is a beautiful sound", whereas this is
impossible to say in another group.) So, in other words, the context
influences opinions. If we want to know more about the social world, we
should perhaps combine a study of opinions with a study of context (Let it
be material, symbolic assets or whatever)? What I am saying is that there
are different perspectives (methodologies) and we as researchers should
strive to combine different ways of do research to better understand our
world. If we settle with just one perspective, and never use other ways of
interpreting the world, we might be comfortable numb but that comfort is
Good luck
Kent "That's a very non-academic topic" Lofgren

Dept. of Education
Ume=E5 University
S-901 87 Umea



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