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Subject: Re: Empathy as a logic of practice
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 12:10:37 PDT

>This is to elide two positions.  Although I disagree with both, one can
>distinguish between those who take one aspect of Bourdieu's work,
>decontextualise it and reify it, and those who demand simplicity and
>transparency and rail against anything which isn't everyday language.  The
>two groups of actors, the two positions, are not the same.
I don't have time to write about this difference..sounds interesting

>Those who have fetishized simplicity, employing some moral
> > position, I think miss the big picture of his work. Not that one has to
> > agree with it, but respecting the reasoning of his arguement about the
> > practice of logic in writing academic discourse. Or raising the flag of
> > Adorno who occupied a totally different historical social position of 
> > academic.
>This, if it is a reference to my email, is simply wrong-headed.  If you
>reread my email you'll see that I mentioned Adorno as also arguing that
>the demand for transparency was a form of reactionary anti
>-intellectualism.  (Or are we to confine our discussion to Bourdieu
Sorry again i misunderstood,  I apologize

>You have obviously grasped the "project" in my opinion and used
> > them effectively and made them very understandable, but perhaps the
> > profundity of it will be underappreciated by those who praise clarity, 
> > haven't READ B.
>again, I may be taking this wrongly and I apologise if I am, but if this
>refers to what I said I simply think you're targeting your anger at
>entirely the wrong person.  I did not 'praise clarity'.  And the strategic
>nature of proclaiming others to be non-readers of Bourdieu is obvious.  It
>is certainly less helpful to the person who asked for advice than it is a
>'talking loudly so others may hear' manouevre. Perhaps we should continue
>this discussion off-list.  Certainly, if my opinions were allowed to be
>voiced, rather than having all sorts of things read into what was a
>passing comment, then Kent would find that we agree on a lot.  I feel that
>I'm getting the brunt of fire which should and would be more usefully
>directed elsewhere.
>With best wishes,
I see how you would think that the criticism I have raised about American 
use of B. are directed toward you, but only a couple of points where I was 
very specific. the remark about not appreciating not reading and under 
appreciation was not directed at you....just "exploiting" inadvertantly, 
your voice as an empty vessel to make some generalizations about 
others...that comment was not at directed toward you...sorry, just sketching 
things out...which as we have shown can cause problems :-)

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