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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:24:56 +0000
Subject: Re: Brandon's appraisal

> Brandon is of course quite right to say I am making a direct
> challenge of a sort. But obviously I don't want to take up an
> irrationalist stance. What would be the point in that, apart from
> the fact that it is incoherent? My interest is, rather, in cutting
> Reason down to size (a la Jonathan Swift), on the grounds that it
> has suffered hyper-inflation in recent years.

Simon, I'm intrigued.  I thought that reason itself was the thing that
had been suffering from attacks for quite a while now.  If anything, at
least in some parts of the intellectual field and in the recent years
you mentioned, reason has been subject to hostilities to the point where
attacking reason is pretty much the norm.  Indeed, I thought from your
earlier posts that you were attacking forms of irrationalism.  

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