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Subject: Re: Turing
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 18:58:20 -0000


>You've heard about the Turing test haven't you? (If a man talks to a
>machine, and he can't tell whether or not it is a machine or a man, behind
>the machine, then that machine has passed the turing-test.) I come to think
>about the turing-test

Turing was a child when he stepped outside his own field of expertise (the
idea of the Turing machine, his solution to Hilbert's halting problem, and
other mathematical-logical contributions). The amazing thing about the paper
in which he described the Turing Test (Computing Machinery and Intelligence,
Mind. Vol. LIX, No. 236 1950) was that it was ever accepted in a reputable
philosophical journal. Fortunately, few in and out of the field of
Artificial Intelligence now take it seriously, though the Turing Machine is
a major plank in the AI case and one of the great indispensable conceptions
in computer science (where it should stay put).




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