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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 13:08:45 +0100

Dear Dan,
	The reader is ed. R. Shusterman, Bourdieu: A Critical Reader, Blackwells,
1999. Judith Butler does indeed have a contribution, but to my mind the
most challenging were two on Bourdieu's conception of pre-reflexivity, one
comparing Mead and Bourdieu by Aboumalfi (?) (I don't have the book here)
and another by James Bohman on Practical reasons and Cultural
Constraint.The article by Bouveresse situates Wittgenstein in relation to
Bourdieu. There are a couple of things that have appeared before, but it is
a valuable collection in showing  how analytical philosophers are grappling
with Bourdieu's thought. 
	I don't agree with Bohman, but he does put forward a considered opinion
about B.which is commonly expressed - in my view Bourdieu's most recent
Pascalian Meditations provides illuminating answers to these issues.
Anyway, its definitely worth getting, Bridget Fowler

I've heard it mentioned that a (relatively) new Bourdieu
reader has been published, in which Judith Butler has an essay.
Does anyone know the title of the book?

Dan Smith



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