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Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 21:02:15 -0700
Subject: article alert



Social Analysis, in its edition of this month 44(1) is publishing a paper 
of mine entitled: "Incorporating Masculine Domination: Theoretical and 
Ethnographic Elaborations".

It might be of interest to some subscribers to this list.  For my part, I 
would be very interested in any comments and criticisms (both positive and 
negative) that any of you might have, as this publication is part of an 
ongoing project.

The paper uses Bourdieu's analysis of masculine domination as a point of 
departure, and seeks to develop it further by applying it to a 
working-class Australian context, and by employing modes of structural 
analysis derived from cognitive sciences.  I am attaching an abstract of 
the paper in .rtf format to this email.

(Incidentally, the URL of Social Analysis is 

Hope you find it useful.



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