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Subject: Re: Habitus
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 16:41:36 +0100


You wrote:

"Why get hung up on a side-comment I made about Epstein? But if this is all
you can see, then I can only add: what is the goal of Epstein's ? To help
change? But who is the enemy, malaria or idiocy of our current systems?
Fight the idiocy I would say as it is more dangerous than the malaria bug
which we can conquer (or have in fact already)."

On the idiocy of our current systems, you won't find more wholehearted agreement
than from yours truly. The entire drift of my posts to you has been to ask what
your solution is. I agree with your diagnosis as far as it goes -- given the
wooliness of it, there's little to disagree with. What you haven't yet given us
an inkling of is your cure.

It reminds me of something I read years ago about Bertrand Russell. Tired of his
work in mathematical logic, Russell turned his powerful mathematical-logical
brain to the problems of society. All around him he saw signs that the world was
an unhappy place -- war, unemployment, inequality, famine, etc. He pondered on
this long and deep and came to the conclusion that Man was irrational. What was
solution (adumbrated in a succession of middlebrow philosophical/sociological
potboilers)? That Man should turn over a new leaf and start being rational.




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