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Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 12:04:56 +0100
Subject: Re: Fwd: Pass on message? Simon's good bye

It is a real shame, and I feel rather sad, that my initial point should have
evoked such responses.
All I wanted to do was to ask people to try to avoid firing off half a dozen
messages in response to a single posting.  That was all.  What they discussed,
what they said, was irrelevant to this.  I did not imply that any of the
contributions were inconsequential.  Anyone who has read my postings here or
elsewhere should know I never censor nor attack people personally.  One
person's inconsequential musings are another person's insights.  Who is to tell
which is which - I have often (on the several lists I subscribe to) found big
debates on what are to their participants key topics of great significance of
little interest to me personally.  Conversely, I've found an aside or a small
point on a supposedly minor topic of great interest.

I am culpable to the extent that my initial email was written in
uncharacteristically irritable tones.  Plus, the email was not intended for
list consumption, and its appearance on the list resulted from an error.

Anyway, I'm not here to persuade people to stay or to leave, just to say that I
very much distance myself from comments on the quality of contributions to the
list.  My comment was merely on quantity, and on quantity (to make sure this is
very clear) that I felt could be reduced with a little reflection and less of a
hair trigger.

On Kent's point about diving in and traces of production.... again, I didn't
intend to attack this or ask for its reduction.  One can leave the traces of
production and dive in without the machine gun effect of repeated replies to a
single point sent at one minute intervals.

Anyway, the leaving of anyone who actively contributes is a shame.  And if
anyone doesn't like the contributions, they can make their own.




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