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Subject: Re: Crushing public replies!
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 16:50:38 GMT

I think YOU are missing the was she was being the aggressor and 
drawing the swords in an attempt to make crushing what she was not invitation to discuss nor did she address his 
points...making  statements that were wacko and never addressed the 
substance of his previous remarks. If you have paid any attention to Simon's 
post you will know that while he can be sharp, he has never resorted to 
crushing blows.  If you are looking for crushing blows anywhere in this 
dialogue it comes from here. It was she who invited and instigated the logic 
of crushing public replies. Speaking for Simon I think it was this logic of 
crushing public blows without content  and ridiculous statement, or put 
another way her attempt to unleash a striking blow that made him turn in 
nausea from the group.


>From: Kingsley Garbett <>
>To: "" 
>Subject: Crushing public replies!
>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 16:05:55 +0930
>My sympathies are with Debbie and Karen entirely,
>What do you make of this comment, Kent?
>I am piqued that Karen has outwitted me, infuriating me enough to make
>unsubscribe after I had dispatched to her alone what I hoped was a
>crushing public
>Is that what the list is all about, crushing public replies?
>Pull the other one!
>Kingsley Garbett.

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