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Subject: Re: Multiple Postings
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 23:39:43 GMT

At the risk of violating your suggestion I would suggest Derrida already 
answered this question or raised it in the form of the heirarchy of speech 
vs. writing. Speech and its supplements in no way intervenes in the play of 
absence and prescence which makes up the "deficiencies" of the iterability 
of other words it is in no way more communicative nor should 
we priviledge it nor is it "profitable" to engage in such ruminations.  
There seems to be an assumptionn of transparancy in your question...that 
technology or any medium will tend toward the truth or meaning.  Tho the 
question does remain are their differences between technologies, as good old 
fashion materialism, that can be documented, but can such an research extend 
beyond documentation?

>Anyway, must dash.... I have an old-fashioned book to read.  Which reminds 
>me ... I
>wonder if the internet had been invented first, whether the advent of the 
>would be written about in the same valedictory tones: 'One can actually 
>talk directly
>to anyone in the world just by dialing some numbers; no typing, no logging 
>on, no
>complex address, etc'.
>With best wishes,
>Karl Maton
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>I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the hearts affections and the 
>truth of
>the imagination

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