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Subject: Re: Crushing public replies!
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 02:07:54 GMT


Just a short reply if I can help it. Perhaps Simon departed with a bit of a 
dramatic splash, but the inability of this newsgroup to entertain the subtly 
of the fuzzy logic and language and realize the satire in his farewell is 
extremely disconcerting.  If you are looking for some perfect language 
situation that excludes the play of language...which the responses missed, 
then go to the Habermas group.  The scholastism of the continual definition 
of habitus and the supplications for references to be the good bibliophile 
without understanding the basics of Bourdieu's reflexivity has been a 
continual problem.  If you want to be the good academic who sites all the 
right sources to fulfill some false requirement, then he or I have every 
right to call people on the basics of bourdieu's thought and how it can be 
extended, NOT just cited!
Some may be tired of my tirade against this biblophilia, but there are 
basics concerning reflexivity and his relation to other  thinkers that is 
much more important than habitus and heads of pins.  For you who couldn't 
sense some sense or irony or satire in simon's goodbye, you have missed so 
much of Bourdieu and the question of language in your attempts to 
operationalize or totally philophize him. Simon's adieu was much more 
complicated than anyone is probably capable least as far as I have 
seen. damn I hope that the fragmented traces can be put together to extend 
beyond short blasts

>From: Kingsley Garbett <>
>To: "" 
>Subject: Crushing public replies!
>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 16:05:55 +0930
>My sympathies are with Debbie and Karen entirely,
>What do you make of this comment, Kent?
>I am piqued that Karen has outwitted me, infuriating me enough to make
>unsubscribe after I had dispatched to her alone what I hoped was a
>crushing public
>Is that what the list is all about, crushing public replies?
>Pull the other one!
>Kingsley Garbett.

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