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Subject: Re: Multiple Postings
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 00:05:12 GMT

As an exploited grad student and adjunct prof. i find your answer 
insufficient and pure idealism.  While grad students are attempting to 
unionize and take effective action against the practice of the university, I 
have heard of none in the US who have taken any action whatsoever.  Better 
methods of teaching and researching?  I don't even know what to say to that. 
  It is either a long term strategy that is beyond the ken of practice of 
those who are, as debrah points are being exploited.  Eventually as 
technology procedes the landed gentry of the academy will have us adjunct 
profs knipping at your heals.  One of the basic logics of the field here in 
the US now is that only those grad students who have internalized the 
practices of capitalism are getting jobs and capital here in the US...I know 
way too many people who do implement creative teaching and research who are 
ignored in the job market.  This is not our field...its the profs field.
Happy labor day :-)
>I agree, but I think academics could take a far more active approach. 
>than seeking to preserve old ways, they could be creating new and more
>effective methods of researching and teaching that would assert their 
>and attract enthusiasm for their cause. As it is now, the largely defensive
>position of academics today merely appears as an effort to preserve 
>On this whole issue, I am greatly impressed by the analyses of Fritz Ringer 
>the 'German mandarins' -- and his distinction between the 'orthodox' and
>'modernist' intellectuals (e.g. Max Weber) of the late 19th and early 20th 
>The orthodox intellectuals sought to preserve the old ways, while the
>modernists strove to reinvent intellectual life in terms adequate for the 
>social and economic situation. The modernists were defeated...

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