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Subject: Re: Moving on....
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 06:59:54 GMT

   This argument to move on strikes me as a very consverative movement that 
coincides with American Politics.   lets ignore the foundations and 
possibilities of saying in America racism no longer exists, and 
just say "lets get along" to maintain a status quo.  One the one hand there 
are the theorist who, as simon said, "wish to count the number of habituses 
that dance on a head of a pin" and pure empiricist who forget the basics of 
B's thought for professional academic or psychological gain.  This is the 
fulcrum upon which so much rests. As Bourdieu says, "To be truely reflexive, 
one must undergo a process as difficult as psychoanyalysis"...few, 
especially those looking for citations or bibliographic references or other 
types of capital seem to continually ignore this point.

>From: "karl.maton" <>
>Subject: Moving on....
>Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:49:03 +0100
>Carolyn Betensky wrote:
> > Dear Bourdieu List People,
> >
> > I don't expect the likes of us to get along, but may we move past this
> > particular unhappy episode already?  Surely I am not the only person 
> > who finds the feud painful to watch.  I understand that much is at stake
> > for those of you who are involved in it, but you could probably work it
> > all out better if you addressed each other in personal e-mail
> > messages.
> >
> > Carolyn
>Good point Carolyn, well said.
>To suggest a topic .... it's very immodest, but one thing to move on to 
>could be
>a paper of mine which came out in  the British Journal of Sociology of 
>in June this year called 'Languages of legitimation'.  If anyone missed it, 
>me a line and I'll pop a copy in the post.
>I'd love to have feedback, critical or otherwise.  And it would provide 
>other than personal vitriol to appear on the list.
>With best wishes,
>Karl Maton
>School of Education, University of Cambridge
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