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The description of this publication is available at the Sage UK website:

Here is the full text, including the contents:

Pierre Bourdieu 
4 Volume Boxed Set
Series: Sage Masters of Modern Social Thought series 
Edited By: Derek Robbins : University of East London
Pages: 1704 
January 2000
? 475.00
Derek Robbins provides the first complete assessment of the sociological 
achievements of one of the key European sociologists of the 20th 
century. Bourdieu has made decisive contributions to theory, method and 
professional practice. All are discussed here, providing an
unparalleled distillation of Bourdieu's work. The collection: offers a 
systematic understanding and evaluation of Bourdieu's sociology;
demonstrates the relation of Bourdieu to wider research traditions in 
the social sciences; faithfully represents Bourdieu's 
multidisciplinarianism; explains why Bourdieu is a key 20th century 

The collection is edited by one of Europe's leading commentators on 
Bourdieu. The four volumes stand as the benchmark work on a sociologist
who has left an indelible mark on the 20th century and whose legacy will 
be intensively debated into the next millenium. 
Academics in sociology, social theory, philosophy, education, 
anthropology, cultural studies and linguistics 
 PART ONE: LIFE/CAREER \ Pierre Bourdieu and A Honneth et al Fieldwork 
in Philosophy \ Pierre Bourdieu and Loic Wacquant The
 Personal is Social \ Cheleen Mahar Pierre Bourdieu: The Intellectual 
Project \ Hassan Arfoui Abdelmalek Sayad in Interview \ J Duval and C
 Gaubert et al Le `decembre des intellectuels francais \ PART TWO: 
 METHODOLOGY \ G Lienard and E Servais Practical Sense \ G L Acciaiolo 
Knowing What You Are Doing: A Review of Pierre Bourdieu's \
 M S Archer Process without System \ R V Robinson and M A Garnier Class 
Reproduction among Men and Women in France: Reproduction
 Theory on Its Home Ground \ J-C Passeron Theories of Socio-Cultural 
Reproduction \ R Griller The Return of the Subject?: The Methodology of
 Pierre Bourdieu \ K Lofgren Teacher Education, Statistical 
methodologies and the Construction of Knowledge \ N Kauppi Scientific 
 and Epistemological A priori : Durkheim, Mauss, Levi-Strauss, Bourdieu 
 Caille La sociologie de l'inter[ci]et est-elle interessante? \ R Harker 
Cultural Capital, Education and Power in New Zealand: An Agenda for
 Research \ B Martin and Szelenyi Beyond Cultural Capital: Toward a 
Theory of Symbolic Domination \ Habitus \ J F Ostrow Culture as a
 Fundamental Dimension of Experience: A Discussion of Pierre Bourdieu's 
Theory of Human Habitus \ C Camic The Matter of Habit \ F Heran
 La Seconde Nature de l'Habitus: Tradition Philosophique et Sens Commun 
dans le Langage Sociologique \ R Brubaker Social Theory as
 Habitus in Bourdieu \ A Dewerpe La Strategie chez Pierre Bourdieu \ C 
Mahar An Exercise in Practice: Studying Migrants to Latin American
 Squatter Settlements \ Field \ L Pinto The Theory of Fields and the 
Sociology of Literature: Reflections on the Work of Pierre Bourdieu \ J 
 Pierre Bourdieus Theorie des Literarischen Feldes \ Reproduction \ R 
Jenkins Pierre Bourdieu and the Reproduction of Determinism \ R K
 Harker On Reproduction, Habitus and Education \ K D Knorr Producing and 
Reproducing Knowledge: Descriptive or Constructive? \ PART
 FOUR: INTELLECTUAL FIELDS \ Education \ D Swartz Pierre Bourdieu: The 
Cultural Transmission of Social Inequality \ K L Gorder
 Understanding School Knowledge: A Critical Appraisal of Basil Bernstein 
and Pierre Bourdieu \ L Wacquant Reading Bourdieu's`Capital' \
 Anthropology \ O Lee Observations on Anthropological Thinking about the 
Culture Concept: Clifford Geertz and Pierre Bourdieu \ T Turino
 Structure, Context and Strategy in Musical Ethnography \ A Smart Gifts, 
Bribes, and Guanxi \ Philosophy \ T Schatzki Overdue Analysis of
 Bourdieu's Theory of Practice \ G Ritzer Metatheorizing in Sociology \ 
C Taylor To Follow a Rule... \ R Shusterman Bourdieu and
 Anglo-American Philosophy \ E Nemeth Empiricism and the Norms of 
Scientific Knowledge: Some Reflections on Otto Neurath and Pierre
 Bourdieu \ Tony Andreani Bourdieu au-dela et en deca de Marx \ F 
vandenberghe The Real is Relational: An Epistemological Analysis of
 Pierre Bourdieu's Generative Structuralism \ Sociology \ A Honneth The 
Fragmented World of Symbolic Forms: Reflections on Pierre
 Bourdieu's Sociology of Culture \ C Joppke The Cultural Dimensions of 
Class Formation and Class Struggle: On the Social Theory of Pierre
 Bourdieu \ J Frow Accounting for Tastes: Some Problems in Bourdieu's 
Sociology of Culture \ C Calhoun Putting the Sociologist in the
 Sociology of Culture: The Self-Reflexive Scholarship of Pierre Bourdieu 
and Raymond Williams \ F Ringer The Intellectual Field, Intellectual
 History and the Sociology of Knowledge \ R Brubaker Rethinking 
Classical Theory: The Sociological Vision of Pierre Bourdieu' \ P 
 Racism and Postmodernism: Towards a Theory of Practice \ G Murdock 
Class Stratification and Cultural Consumption: Some Motifs in the
 Work of Pierre Bourdieu \ J Hamel Sociology, Common Sense, and 
Qualitative Methodology: The Position of Pierre Bourdieu and Alan
 Touraine \ Linguistics \ W F Hanks Notes on Semantics in Linguistic 
Practice \ J B Thompson Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu: Language and
 Symbolic Power \ Cultural Studies \ N Garnham and R Williams Pierre 
Bourdieu and the Sociology of Culture: An Introduction \ P Sulkunen
 Society Made Visible - on the Cultural Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu \ D 
E Foley Does the Working Class Have a Culture in the Anthropological
 Sense? \ Marie-Pierre Le Her Doing Cultural Studies Bourdieu's Way \ B 
Rigby Popular Culture as Barbaric Culture: The Sociology of Pierre
English Preface to Homo Academicus \ L Wacquant
 Bourdieu in America: Notes on the Transatlantic Importation of Social 
Theory \ D M Robbins Bourdieu in England, 1964-1977 \ D M Robbins
 The International Transmission of Ideas: Pierre Bourdieu in Theory and 
Practice \ Lauretta Clough Bourdieu in (No) Other Words \ Everlyn
 Nicodemus Bourdieu Out of Europe? \ Daniel Simeoni Transpositioning 
Social-Science Capital Across Borders: The Cases of Freud, Weber,
 Bourdieu \ PART SIX: APPLICATIONS \ Pierre Bourdieu Social Space and 
Symbolic Space \ M Schiltz Habitus and Peasantization in
 Nigeria: A Yoruba Case-Study \ G C Bentley Ethnicity and Practice \ W F 
Hanks Discourse Genres in a Theory of Practice \ H-G Sack The
 Relationship between Sport Involvement and Life-Style in Youth Cultures 
\ J Gerhards and H K Anheier The Literary Field: An Empirical
 Investigation of Bourdieu's Sociology of Art \ J C L Rupp and R de 
Lange Social Order, Cultural Capital and Citizenship: An Essay 
 Educational Status and Educational Power Versus Comprehensiveness of 
Elementary Schools \ Robert Vann An Empirical Perspectice on
 Practice: Operationalising Bourdieu's Notions of Linguistic Habitus \ 
Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson A Cultural Field in the Making: Gastronomy
 in 19th Century France \ Lennart Rosenlund Cultural Changes in a 
Norwegian Urban Community: Applying Pierre Bourdieu's Approach and
 Analytical Framework \ G Vom Bruck A House Turned Inside Out: 
Inhabiting Space in a Yemeni City \ J P Roos and Keijo Rahkonen In
 Search of the Finnish New Middle Class \ A Goke-Pariola Language and 
Symbolic Power: Bourdieu and the Legacy of Euro-American
 Colonialism in an African Society \ T Moi Appropriating Bourdieu: 
Feminist Theory and Bourdieu's Sociology of Culture \ U Wuggenig and P
 Mnich Explorations in Social Spaces: Gender, Age, Class Fractions and 
Photographical Choices of Objects \ PART SEVEN: WAYS OF
 READING BOURDIEU \ R Jenkins Reading Bourdieu \ L Wacquant How to Read 
Bourdieu \ R U Alvarado Cataloging Pierre Bourdieu's

Keep the change.

Bill Hord

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Subject:Robbins's edition of secondary articles on Bourdieu 
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Dear list members,
can anyone give me the exact references of Derek Robbins's 4-volume edition
of secondary articles on Pierre Bourdieu, and also, if possible, its table
of contents and/or a brief description of it?
Thank you very much.
Paola Ravaioli

Paola Ravaioli
Communication Student
University of Bologna




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