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Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 19:46:08 +0100
Subject: discourses and positions


is Bourdieu making the suggestion that there is more to life
than,discourse/language whereas Laclau and Mouffe deny this? Is
Bourdieu,arguing that social relations between groups can be analysed in
themselves or alongside discursive statements etc, in this case the
relations between the producers of culture and the consumers of culture?
I'm confused. Is the aim to ground discourse in the individual by
joining it up with class? That sounds like a very familiar strategy.
Have i picked this up right?


pat quinn 

Thore Svendsen wrote:,> ,> Hello all,> ,> At the risk of flogging a dead
horse, I have an issue I would like to raise,> with those of you who
might be interested in analogies between Bourdieu's,> texts/analysis and
those of Laclau and Mouffe. Well, ehrm, that's what I'm,> busy doing,
and I stumbled into an issue I wondered if you would comment on.,> ,>
Bourdieu says in the preface to Homo Academicus (thanks George!) that
one,> cannot "seek the source of the understanding of cultural
productions in,> these productions themselves, taken in isolation and
divorced from the,> conditions of their production and utilization, as
would be the wish of,> _discourse analysis_, which [...] has nowadays
relapsed into indefensible,> forms of internal analysis. Scientific
analysis must work to relate to each,> other two sets of relations, the
space of works or discourses taken as,> differential stances, and the
space of the positions held by those who,> produce them" (xvii).,> ,> He
appears to make a case for a domain outside discourses here, a space,>
which appear to have relative dominance to the cultural field, a known
theme,> from i.e. Distinction. Laclau and Mouffe on the other hand,
"rejects the,> distinction between discursive and non-discursive
practices" (Hegemony and,> Socialist Strategy 107).,> ,> Are we
confronted with two opposing definitions of discourse here?,> ,>
Regards,> Torgeir,> ,>
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