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Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 12:07:56 +0100
Subject: sociodicy

In addition to Richard Nice's adequate definition of theodicy:
Sociodicy (French: Sociodicée) is a concept formulated by PB himself as far 
as I know. It is precisely the analogy with theodicy that makes the concept 
interesting: the justification of society as it is constructed or created 
by man, including all its imperfections like inequality, power, hierarchy 
Bourdieu uses the concept frequently in 'La Reproduction'  (1970) 
(Reproduction, translated by Richard Nice!) written with Jean-Clause 
Passeron, to demonstrate the nearly inevitable role of the school in 
sustaining and reproducing social inequality. It is the legitimation of the 
selection function of the school, seen as rational and just at the same 
time, often by those who gained the most by it. A very threatening and not 
really optimistic concept, in my opinion, but nevertheless...

Anton Wesselingh

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>"Theodicy (from Greek theos, "god"; dike, "justice") is the reasonable
>justification of the nature, the structures & the goals of evil in an order
>of things considered as created by God."
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