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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 23:08:15 +0900
Subject: Re: Bourdieu film

> I don't think it will sway any opinions:  those already "converted" will 
> find more manna, and those inclined to see him a media whore will find his 
> on-camera smile or ease in the spotlight more evidence for a conviction.

and what about those who don't know him ? i mean, of course converted will go see the movie, but obvioulsy carles did not make it only for the fans. as the review says the documentary (_not_ movie) is a tool to access knowledge for a better understanding of one's world. " it is not a scientific thesis but still introduces to a critic of the dominant thought". i hope they'll have it subtitled.

by the way, considering the nb of people on this list who are fluent in french/english/bourdieu and the rest i suppose it would not be too hard to get in touch with carles and propose some help.

about media whores. i suspect people who are convinced bourdieu is one have never had a chance to actually be under the spotlight and be confortable about it. is there this kind of discourse about chomsky or other leading intellectuals ?

jc helary


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