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Subject: Re: Bourdieu film
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:27:01 -0400

I wrote, re the PB video out in Paris:

> > I don't think it will sway any opinions:  those already "converted" will
> > find more manna, and those inclined to see him a media whore will find 
> > on-camera smile or ease in the spotlight more evidence for a conviction.

and jc helary asked:

>and what about those who don't know him ? i mean, of course converted will 
>go see the movie, but obvioulsy carles did not make it only for the fans. 
>as the review says the documentary (_not_ movie) is a tool to access 
>knowledge for a better understanding of one's world. " it is not a 
>scientific thesis but still introduces to a critic of the dominant 
>thought". i hope they'll have it subtitled.

I meant my above paragraph for the list readers who (mostly?  some lament 
not enough) have read Bourdieu and will find this video very different from 
the books or essays for Le Monde.

I think Carles' [the director] role vis-a-vis Bourdieu is a little like Hans 
Haake's in Free Exchange.  Perhaps critics will latch onto two social 
theorists congratulating each other for their piercing, "correct" views.  
Carles suggests (again, at the website in an earlier posting) that he has 
sympathy for Bourdieu's critical project and therefore this "documentary" is 
not disingenous with his earlier, more aggressive work.  This is because for 
Carles Bourdieu's outlook is an aggressive critique of simplistic, 
neo-liberal ("marche mondail") claptrap which is the current common currency 
of journalism or other forms of social commentary.

The video brings this message out, even without a familiarity with 
Bourdieu's writings.

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