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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:20:07 +0200
Subject: Bourdieu quote - please help

Hi all,

Could someone please help me identify a quote found in Jon Elster'review of
LA DISTINCTION, published in London Review of Books November 5, 1981. I only
have the web version of the review, which lacks references. I suppose the
original paper version is equipped with references, so if any of you have
access to it, I kindly ask you to help me with the following qoute (which,
according to the web version, is to be found on page 12 in the paper version): 

"a materialist reduction of preferences to their economic [and?] social
conditions of production and to the social functions fulfilled by the most
disinterested practices"

I suppose this is Elster's own translation, since there was no English
edition of the book when he wrote his review, as far as I know. The
reference thus has to be to the original French edition, which I use myself.
So can anyone please tell me where I can found the qoute in the French
edition? You can send your answer directly to my e-mail address.

Thanks a lot in advance,



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