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What's strange is that academics get paid for thinking and writing about

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 Think about this:                                        
 You do not feel the glass (or a copy  -- transformed in  
 a feeling --)in your brain but at your finger tips (make 
 the  experience!), so that what arrives at the brain is  
 the "perception" of the  sensation at the finger tips    
 (or the consciousness of that perception).               
 Kind regards.                                            
   Berk Turkcan wrote:                                    
 6. When a person sees a glass of water, in fact he does  
 not see its real  form                                   
 but only a copy of it in his brain. The coldness that he 
 feels when  touching                                     
 the glass surface is not the real coldness of the glass  
 but  only a copy of it.                                  
 This means nobody is ever able to feel that he  touches  
 the real glass. Since                                    
 it is not his fingers that feel the sense  of touch, but 
 merely the sense of touch                                
 in the brain. Should we not in  this case conclude that  
 people are never able                                    
 to reach the reality of  objects and can never touch the 
 reality of a glass? But                                  
 not every person  knows this fact. Everyone thinks they  
 touch and see real objects.                              
 Is it  not strange that people are not aware of this and 
 they never think about                                   


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