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Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 08:47:35 +0100 

Hi Ismael
I am a lecturer at the new University of Lincoln in England. I am also
undertaking a part time doctorate with the University of Nottingham. I am
just putting together my thesis proposal. I think it is likely that I will
be comparing the culture of academics in our university with that of groups
of undergraduate students from different backgrounds, particularly those who
find it difficult at University. I am still exploring the literature but I
will be using the concept of habitus. I am still studying Homo Academicus at
the moment. Be happy to share any thoughts.
Afraid it will have to be in English as my Spanish is non existent.
Best wishes
Dave Newman

Teacher Fellow

School of Agriculture

Riseholme, Lincoln LN2 2LG

Tel 01522 522252 Fax 01522 545436

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Subject: question

im studying a latinoamerican reserch institute, applying the concepts of
"Homo academicus". I speak spanish, im from Argentina. If anybody are doing
something like this or has any comment about it,please contact me, thanks
I speak better spanish, but i can manage English a bit ( excuse my language
thanks again, from Argentina
Ismael Rodrigo - University of Buenos Aires - Student 



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