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Subject: RE: question
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 18:58:01 +0100


I guess that to say that I'm applying some concepts of Bourdieu to my work would be too pretensious as I'm 
working within the art world. Maybe it's more correct to say that, having in mind some concepts like 
"simbolic power", "habitus", etc., I'm trying to understand and make visible the "artificiality" of the art world, 
the specific characteristics of the art world today, what makes possible the performance art of the 70's and 
their agents contradictions, their positions in relation to politcs, etc...

As I said I'm working within the art world, which means that I'm suposedly an artist! It means also that I've no 
cientifique pretensions... 

I'd be quite interested in hearing about the results of your work... The Art Academy is an important piece 
within the art field... Also, maybe my own work could be, I hope, of some help!


Nuno Pedrosa - San Francisco Art Institute - San Francisco


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