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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 09:41:55 -0500
Subject: Some more media coverage

The public radio station in New York City, WYNC, produces a show called "On 
the Media."  This morning, they aired a short (two minutes) segment 
discussing PB's criticism of media intellectuals.  The interviewee was 
Philip Kennicott, "cultural critic" for the Washinton Post.  His take on PB 
is quite odd; it can be seen in a piece from the Washington Post where he 
tries to relate Bourdieu's writings on television to contemporary cultural 
politics in the U.S.  It's available at:
This is one of the very few non-academic treatments of PB I've seen in the 
U.S. media.

Ironically, Kennicott's radio segment was preceded by an equally brief 
interview with Richard Posner, the federal judge who recently published a 
book on public intellectualls in the U.S. which, as I recall, amounts to a 
"Hit Parade" in the most literal sense--among other things, ranking various 
figures (Kissinger, Moynihan) according to the number of hits returned by 
web searches on their names.  The New York Times had an un-surprisingly 
un-critical piece on this book a few weeks ago.

The segment following Kennicott's interview dealt with the resurgent 
popularity of trucking songs in a bar in Brooklyn.

Elliot Weininger

Department of Sociology
Temple University



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