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Date: 01 Aug 2002 09:22:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Bourdieu as an adjective

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A few searches in periodical databases suggest that bourdieuian is much 
more common than bourdieuean.  The form bourdieuvian also appears 
occasionally.  The latter is my own preference (along the lines of 
Peruvian); but there are so few words in English to which the rule might 
apply (igloovian?) that the rule is very weak (or nonexistant).  
However, isn't it the case that English often inserts a consonant 
between a noun ending in a vowel and the -ian suffix (Panamanian).

Bill Hord

Date: 31 Jul 2002 17:29:34
From:Elliot Weininger <>
Subject:Re: Bourdieu as an adjective 
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I've always found that Bourdieuean "felt" right to me.  Being stubborn, I've
sent stuff into print with this rendering of PB-qua-adjective, buying myself
some approbation in the process.

Elliot Weininger

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Sociology
Temple University

>>A rather prosaic question:  Is it Bourdieuan, Bourdieuian, Bourdieusean or

>>Bourdieusian?  I've seen all of these used; is there a consensus emerging?

>>Tim Markham
>Though I know the uses are many I always thought that Bourdieusian is 
>the least ugly and correspond better with the French use of 
>"Bourdieusien". Anglophones have already a difficulty saying 
>"Bourdieu" correctly and writing it without mispelling so it is I 
>think better to stay near the French adjective of 
>"Bourdieusien".There is also some use of "Bourdivin" but this is 
>clealy ironic and derogatory.
>But this is only a suggesttion coming from a French-speaking person 
>leaving in North America!
>Yves Gingras
>Directeur du 
>Centre interuniversitaire
>de recherche sur la science
>et la technologie (CIRST)
>et professeur au
>Dpartement d'histoire
>C.P. 8888, Succ. Centre-Ville
>Montral, Qubec
>Canada, H3C 3P8




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