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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 21:13:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [BOU:] Bourdieu and Immigration?

From: Glen Fuller <>


Sorry for the request, but does this quote below resonate with anyone?
Does it look like an old aquaintance whose name you have forgotten? I
immediately looked in the 'Official Language and Political Unity'
section of LaSP, but I could not find it. It looks like a bit of a
quotable quote so I was hoping someone might have used it before for

'Everywhere, and from now on as much as in the society of origin as in
the host society, [the immigrant] calls for a complete rethinking of
the legitimate bases of citizenship and of the relationship between the
state and the nation or nationality. An absent presence, he obliges us
to question not only the reactions of rejection which, taking the state
as an expression of the nation, are vindicated by claiming to base
citizenship on commonality of language and culture (if not "race") but
also the assimilasionist "generosity" that, confident that the state,
armed with education, will know how to reproduce the nation, would seek
to conceal a universalist chauvinism.'

I will find out in which text it is quoted (someone sent it to me for

Any assistance would be appreciated.


PhD Candidate, Centre for Cultural Research
University of Western Sydney



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