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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 08:47:12 +1100
Subject: Re: [BOU:] Practice theory

Hi Patricia

good question considering B's style :) Curious what others think.

1) Intros:
I recommend:
-"An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology." by Bourdieu and Wacquant 
(1992). It contains an excellent introduction by Loic Wacquant and two 
"workshops" run by Bourdieu in Chicago and Paris that are clear, 
succinct and instructive.
-If you can read German, get a copy of Markus Schwingels "Pierre 
Bourdieu. Zur Einfuehrung." (1995) The best intro I know.
-And BTW, instead of reading "Outline", I recommend reading "The Logic 
of Practice" instead.

2) Critiques:
Apart from David Swartz (1997) "Culture and Power - The Sociology of 
Pierre Bourdieu"  am yet to read a really good one, and would 
appreciate any pointers also. A "typical" (and IMO flawed) book about 
Bourdieu, even if not necessarily systematic critique:
-Richard Jenkins (1992) Pierre Bourdieu. (Very Anglo and deterministic 
reading that fails to account for context and misreads crucial issues)
-and arguably the most hilarious book ever written on Bourdieu 
(recommended for a laugh and a scary insight into how angry and if you 
pardon the pun, gallicacademics can get): Verdes-Leroux (2001) 
Deconstructing Bourdieu. Against Sociological Terrorism from the Left.

Best Wishes

On Tuesday, Jan 27, 2004, at 04:49 Australia/Melbourne, Patricia 
Kannapel wrote:

> I am searching for recent literature on Bourdieu's theory of practice. 
>  I have his Outline of Theory of Practice book, but find the reading 
> dense, so wonder if there are any good pieces out there that interpret 
> his theory of practice in less academic language.  Also, any critiques 
> of the theory of practice.  Any help is much appreciated, as I am 
> using practice theory in my dissertation but want to make sure I 
> thoroughly grasp the ideas.
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