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Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 00:06:13 +0100
Subject: Re: [BOU:] uncloseting the antisemite

personally <s/he hastened to add> i did not jump to the immediate
conclusion that the question: "did it take place in the first
place?????" was necessarily borne of hatred, bigotry, or anti-semitism
on the part of the writer of that question to this list.

my first response was that the writer wished to allude to the
well-known and so-called 'debate' on this matter in socio-circles,
and was tipping his hat in the direction of irony, depending on his
audience's knowledge to fill in the gap.

i am old enough to appreciate irony, double entendre, and the value
of intertextuality in claiming solidarity. i realise that the use of
irony may be considered out-of-date, and that we must say exactly
what we mean in this day and age of utter seriousness... as if words
and phrases always meant the same things, codified for ever by the
great powers that be in these matters. i suspect the french of my age
must understand the weight of such linguistic yokes, and thus
bourdieu himself railed against the discipline of linguistics as
practiSed by syntacticians.

in any case, long experience on email lists, plus an inborn natural
reluctance to cast the first (or any) stone due to my own lack of
absolute certainty that i have the only answer leads me to withhold
judgement as to the motives of others until more intelligence
arrives. intelligence in this case, derived from experience of their
further interaction with myself and others - especially when they
write short slightly subversive rhetorical questions on dry old lists
which haven't recently been discussing much at all.

and so FWIW i hold out two more interpretive perspectives on 'the question':
perhaps it was a troll - which worked since a couple of readers
seemed to have been horrified by this question, or,
perhaps it was an ironic comment, a joke - you know  - the type of
joke which involves the knowledge that, yep, we all know that there
are people out there who think this way and to pretend they do not
exist is no way to conduct an international discussion list when we
all could pick up the whole idea and run with it. but of course, this
type of move can only be done successfully when you are sure that the
addressees see things from your own perspective - irony is
necessarily lost on those who do not share one's POV. in which case,
the writer might be just incredibly naive. bourdieusians are not all
of one mind, nup.

and what makes me think this (and i may be naive here) is that this
"question" is such an old chestnut at this stage, and has probably been
done to death by each one of us somewhere, sometime in some
discussion, that we really do not think it even worthwhile discussing
on this list. if it is still considered worthwhile to talk about
the idea of whether or not the 'holocaust' occurred or not, then let
those of us with a case (<--check out the irony of the use of that
little intertextual referent) should come forward and say so. isn't
it that noone needs to debate this stupid question in here? because
we probably all think it is beside the point, a distraction, a waste
of time when rome is still burning, etc?

and so i conclude that the writer makes a joke on the
non-debatability of this question, of its being beneath contempt.

of course, i may be wrong.


At 20:49 +0100 6/8/04, wrote:
>Hi everyone
>I usually lurk as I am not terribly familiar with Bourdieu's work. I only
>know that what I have read makes sense and that I am quite comfortable
>with his methodolog(ies)... So, I am not familiar with people on this
>I am not demanding censorship and not even calling for a moderator. I
>guess we have to accept that the instincts that caused the slaughter of
>millions during the Second World War prevails... We see it in Iraq, today.
>in Spain a few months ago, in New York in 2001 and, on my home continent,
>in Rwanda 10 years ago...
>The question I have is, how can we prevent hate-mongerers, bigots and
>other offensive types from participating in our debates.
>  > In the interest of exposing Daedalus to sunlight, since anonymity
>  > shouldn't
>  > feather hate's wings:
>  >
>  > "Abbas Zaidi <> was editor of The Ravi (1985), Pakistan's
>  > premier and oldest academic magazine published by Government College,
>  > Lahore. He also edited Interface (1990-91) for the Program in Literary
>  > Linguistics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Zaidi has taught English
>  > Literature in Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, and worked as
>  > assistant
>  > editor for The Nation, Lahore"
alexanne don
phd research student
applied linguistics
department of english
university of birmingham,
birmingham. B15 2TT


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