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Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 18:26:49 +0200
Subject: Re: [BOU:] The Meaning of the Holocaust

Hello all!
Well there are no moderators on the list, but perhaps could we could 
exercise some self-criticism.
I don't know whether the horror experienced by Ismail ( 
was occasioned by Pierre's remark or by Daedalus's incomprehensive 
question, but I would imagine Bourdieu exclaiming sheer horror by reading 
such palpable misanthropic crap on a list devoted to his work. I could 
understand how such revisionist standpoints could get a foothold in 
scholastic philosophical milieus which Bourdieu rightly criticised in a 
series of publications or in political bastions where impotence and 
powerlessness would make them deny the reality of everything.

This is not only a matter of anti-semitism. It has much further 
consequences. It is a matter of how we are to conduct anything which could 
qualify as socioanalysis in Bourdieu's sense. The criminal behaviour of 
Israel is not an excuse for anyone denying one of the most horrible facts 
from the bloodstained history of mankind. Neither does the Holocaust 
provide the jews with any license to treat the Palestinians the way they 
now do. If we are to learn anything from our history we would better start 
being sincere and keep away from using history as weapons against our 
enemies, real or imagined.

Please Daedalus. Go trade your murky business somewhere else, or, better, 
start to think. Start to practice some of what Bourdieu has taught us.


At 17:26 2004-08-06, you wrote:

>i read this post at 2:00 am and thought i was imagining it... the horror
> > Well...
> > Are we supposed to receive such antisemitic crap on this list ?
> > I thought there were moderators.
> >
> > Pierre
> >
> >
> > On Friday 06 August 2004 00:56, Daedalus wrote:
> >> Did it take place in the first place?????
> >>
> >>
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