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Subject: Re: [BOU:] Reading question


In "Les héritiers"(1964), Bourdieu and Passeron analyze the influence of 
the heritage coming from family on the school orientation of the students 
and the fact that school system reproduces class domination by favorising 
students at high cultural capital coming from their family environment 
because of the organization of school reflecting the same culture. You can 
also see "La reproduction" (1970), again from Bourdieu and Passeron, that 
continues that research.

In English, you can find those translations:

- Bourdieu. Pierre, and Jean-Claude Passeron. The Inheritors: French 
Students and their Relations to Culture. Trans. Richard Nice. Chicago: U of 
Chicago P, 1979.

- Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture. Trans. Richard Nice. 
London: Sage Publications, 1977.

Good readings!

Jean-Luc Ratel
student in sociology at Université de Montréal

At 19:45 2004-10-19, you wrote:
>I'm writing my dissertation and need a reading recommendation.  I'm
>investigating the nature of family influence on first-generation 
>college  students,
>and would appreciate advice on what would be the best thing(s)  for me to 
>in order to learn more about Bourdieu's ideas on family as the  primary 
>of socialization.
>Thanks for your help!
>Maria Calkins
>Maria Vita Calkins
>Graduate School of Education
>University of  Massachusetts, Amherst
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