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Subject: [BOU:] Locating Bourdieu
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 03:35:11 +0000

I was wondering if anyone has any information on Bourdieu's reaction to 
being labelled a post-structuralist. He very categorically rejects and 
criticizes theories of multiculturalism. He was fairly scathing of theories 
of popular culture and the cultural studies paradigm (a la Hall). He also 
has a trenchant criticism of postmodernism, specifically Lyotard's notion of 
grand narratives (If memory serves me right, I think these criticisms are 
scattered over Acts of Resistance, Pascalian Meditations and Practical 
Reason). He disagrees with the French post-structuralist feminists in 
Masculine Domination. He pretty much flat out says that the French feminist 
scholars have grasped the problematic of gender incorrectly, which is also 
his criticism of American feminists drawing on social constructionist 

Ergo, I've often wondered about the use of the term 'post-structuralist' to 
describe his work, though that's the term I use too. In many ways, he stands 
for a fairly old-fashioned sense of the possibility of objective social 
science-- and an old world model of scholarly endeavor-- revamped with his 
method for reflexivity.


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