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Subject: [BOU:] The bourdieu list - PLEASE READ  
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 19:18:30 -0800

Dear All:

As some of you may be already aware, the Spoon Collective is in the 
of "closing shop" after more than ten years of volunteer work providing
mailing lists on topics philosophical and political.

The bourdieu list itself was created in 1996, under the stewardship of 
Marko Toivanen.  It has been pretty low-traffic for a long time, but in 
its day has been the site of some interesting discussions.

There are lots of reasons for the fact that we are closing shop, not 
the least of which is that doing
*any* sort of volunteer work for 10 years is going to take its toll. 
that we originally did as a labor of love no longer has the same sorts 
savor. The work of maintaining the lists is not great, but, honestly, 
of us ever had the ambition of just "maintaining" the project. Some 
are migrating elsewhere. Some will cease.

This list is scheduled to cease within about 10 days.

It is possible that this threat of list-extinction will spur some more
active interest in creating some new Bourdieu forum. If there is any
collective interest, I will be happy to help current subscribers move to
some new home.

We very much hope that no matter what develops, the Spoon archives,
which, in large part, constitute an eminently useful and fascinating 
can continue to be housed in their present location.  In addition, a 
of the archives is being installed at the domain, where 
will soon be accessible over the Web.  If anybody would like to house
additional copies of the full or individual archives elsewhere, this 
of course increase the goodness.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in discussions over the years.

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray

Latin American Studies
University of British Columbia


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