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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 18:49:17 +0200
Subject: [BOU:] Re: Home of Bourdieu


Malgosia, I wasn't talking about Spoons and Virginia in early 1990's. 
I think I can appreciate the work you have done (both Spoon 
collective and people at Virginia). The point was what the situation 
is right now, on institutional level. The basic facilities are 
basically at every university today. So I've understood. There are 
Majordomos and Mailmans just about ready to go, waiting someone to 
establish a new list.

> But this is a somewhat underthought argument, it seems to me.  It is
> not by virtue of the "public duties of universities" that the Spoon
> Collective has run its lists at Virginia for 10 years (...)
> ... the Spoon themselves, who are NOT a
> "public institution" but a motley crew of people who got it
> into their heads to create a certain space for intellectual life
> on the Internet, and spent endless hours doing so. 

Secondly, I don't expect anything. It's great that Josh had time and 
interest in setting the Frankfurt-list up. Quite understandable, he's 
not eager to do the same with Bourdieu-list. It would be practical, I 
think, to have a bunch of related lists at the same server. However, 
Josh has expressed couple of times that he's not particularly willing 
to take the Bourdieu-list. That I respect.

This I don't buy:

> University computing facilities and their uses are just as volatile as
> commercial or political outfits.  They depend on funding, on politics,
> on the specific composition of the staff and administration at the
> given moment, etc.

They of course are dependend on funding based on political decisions. 
But as institutions universities also have long-term agendas. They 
are not just as volatile as you claim. Recession doesn't knock them 
down like it can destroy businesses. The computing facilities are set 
up for the very activities that constitute the unis. Today, it isn't 
a workload on computing centre people to run lists - the necessary 
facilities are in use of students and staff.

Gee, with the same amount of time I've put into these few notes in 
few days I would have been able to set up two lists, thanks for the 
new software. Therefore, I asked to establish a new B-list here at 
the Jyvaskyla Uni. It takes a day or two to get an answer (CC 
decides). I suppose there will be few volunteers to become co-mods. 
(Rauno, for example? I know you're out there.)

Oh, there's another proposal out, Emrah's idea to move the list to 
the World Tribunal. That too is a good offer.

Sincerely, Jukka L



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