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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 1994 12:07:47 +1000
Subject: CineMedia Site now on WWW!

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****   The CineMedia Site has FINALLY arrived on the World Wide Web!   *****

The CineMedia Site has been established on the WWW at Griffith University
in Brisbane, Australia and provides students and scholars of cinema and
media a comprehensive access point to the growing resources available on
the Internet. The CineMedia Site currently contains over 250 major links to
other global sites (which are then linked to thousands of resources on the

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Site, please contact
Dan Harries in the School of Film and Media, Faculty of Humanities:

Our WWW address is

You can also access the CineMedia Site through Griffith's CERN Server which
is not as flashy as using Mosaic or Netscape, but does the job for those
without SLIP access!

To access this, either go directly to Griffith University's Gopher home
page via the Australia Directory
Telnet to and log in as: WWW followed by the password: WWW
Name=Griffith University World Wide Web Server (log and pw as www)

Good Luck and we hope you enjoy the CineMedia Site!
Dan Harries


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