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Subject: Re: +ACI-Solutions/Fixations+ACI- (Reconstruction 3.3)
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Hi Matt,
good for you on changing your editorial direction.

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Subject: CFP: +ACI-Solutions/Fixations+ACI- (Reconstruction 3.3)

+AD4- Please forward to potentially interested parties:
+AD4- Given the events of the past year and a half (9/11/2001  3/19/2003),
+AD4- both within the United States and around the globe, the need for
+AD4- intellectuals to engage the failures of democracy and the effects of
+AD4- globalization are more prescient than ever, as is the need for
+AD4- enlightened leadership.  Was Plato correct in arguing that tyranny
+AD4- arises from democracy, and, if so, what are the effects of the United
+AD4- States global exportation of democracy?  If Paul Virilio is correct
+AD4- in arguing that all unthinking action is action in support of the status
+AD4- quo, how are citizens to resist, and what forms might this resistance
+AD4- take?  With these tenets in mind, and the need to dislodge cynical
+AD4- thinking about war and politics gone awry, contributions are invited for
+AD4- a special issue of Reconstruction, Solutions/Fixations.
+AD4- Reconstruction +ADw- is a culture studies
+AD4- journal dedicated to fostering an intellectual community composed of
+AD4- scholars and their audience, granting them all the opportunity and
+AD4- ability to share thoughts and opinions on the most important and
+AD4- influential work in contemporary interdisciplinary studies.
+AD4- Solutions/Fixations will be published July 23rd, 2003.  Submissions
+AD4- should be received no later than June 18th, 2003 for consideration.
+AD4- Submissions are encouraged from a variety of perspectives, including,
+AD4- but not limited to: geography, cultural studies, folklore, architecture,
+AD4- history, sociology, psychology, communications, music, political
+AD4- science, semiotics, theology, performance and theater studies, art
+AD4- history, queer theory, literature, criminology, urban planning, gender
+AD4- studies, etc. Both theoretical and empirical approaches are welcomed.
+AD4- Submissions may take the form of essays, articles, art, music, etc.
+AD4- Possible topics include: Manicheism, binarism and dichotomies+ADs-
+AD4- possibilities and probabilities of resistance+ADs- studies of historically
+AD4- important political dissidents and their effects+ADs- questions of
+AD4- obligation, pragmatism, democracy and tyranny+ADs- deconstructive approaches
+AD4- to war, terrorism, peace, and justice,+ADs- deception, lies,
+AD4- untruths and omissions+ADs- war as deep play+ADs- doublespeak, psyops, and
+AD4- information+ADs- strategies, tactics, and systems of power+ADs- failures of
+AD4- globalization+ADs- the meaning of reconstruction...
+AD4- In matters of citation, it is assumed that the proper MLA format will be
+AD4- followed. Other citation formats are acceptable in respect to the
+AD4- disciplinary concerns of the author.
+AD4- All submissions and submission queries should be written care of
+AD4-  Large files, such as Flash movies or
+AD4- essays with many large pictures, should be sent on a zip disk or CD-R
+AD4- to:
+AD4- Reconstruction
+AD4- 104 East Hall
+AD4- Bowling Green State University
+AD4- Bowling Green, OH 43402
+AD4- Please visit us at
+AD4- Davin Heckman +ACY- Matthew Wolf-Meyer, Editors
+AD4- +AFs-Note: Submissions for the previously announced Summer 2003 issue,
+AD4- Science Fiction +ACY- Everyday Life, will be considered for the Winter
+AD4- 2004 issue, Technology and Historiography.  Our apologies for the
+AD4- displacement.+AF0-
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