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Subject: Brazil - Lula on the screen
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 23:56:26 -0500

Dear all,
sorry to bother with yet another query... I hope this will be even too 
simple for those of you who work on Latin American cinema, while for 
me (a Slavist if anything) it... isn't.
I am teaching a class on "collectivities" - so far, this has involved 
mainly Soviet texts and films, but as we proceed on, issues of more 
immediate relevance started coming up, and I would like to do at least 
a reasonably good job even there :-). Namely, we started talking of 
the possible collectives in production and "collectivizations", less 
in terms of American (middle class) communes than in the Third World 
today, in Africa on the one hand, and distribution co-ops (such as 
fair trade cocoa) visibly prevented from extending the collective into 
production, and on the other hand, regarding Brazil after PT's 
electoral victory and Lula's presidency. Farming collectives 
and "multiple forms of property" with socialist if not communist 
intent- to the extent I know - are a political theme: if one carefully 
repressed from the eyes of the creditors and creditor politicians.
In which context, the question of possible films, both narrative and 
documentary, comes up, and I am lost: films engaging collective 
production in the Third WOrld, but also films (if there are any, and 
accessible) on Brazil of PT's victory or the struggle that have 
preceded the latter. 
Any suggestions you may have would be wonderful and more than 

Thanks so much!

Simon Krysl

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