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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:39:31 -0500
Subject: The New Versus The Eternal

As Daniel C. Matt says in _The Essential Kabbalah_,  and I merely
paraphrase, "the world that is coming" which is often understood as
referring to a far-off messianic era, can also be understood as "the world

If God is not a static being (i.e., eternal), but a constant becoming
(i.e., like life), then once again it feeds into what Nietzsche, a major
Foucault footnote (who himself was used Emerson footnotes), was talking
about with SuperMen, doesn't it?

I agree on Isaiah, as would William Blake: a bombastic, point the finger,
accuser, kind of prophet jerk. Something more soothing is Ecclesiastes,
which echoes Blake's own "Straight roads are marked for improvement, but
the crooked roads are marked for genius" at one point with "who is man to
make straight, what God has made crooked?", and which again gets echoed in
Nietzsche saying the way of Eternity is crooked (someone sent that to me in
a Xmas card, so I don't know exactly where!).

        ---Randall Albright



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