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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 15:46:31 -0700
Subject: we other pragmatists

"What can you say about a field that honors the
incoherance of a Hegel, a Wittgenstein, or a Derrida?
If these are critical thinkers why can't they think
their way into an effective sentence?  Philosophy
should be the most effective route to a good education.
It sometimes is."

mr. dave roberts--> 

could you help me with your insistence on the "effective sentence" and
"effective route to a good education"?   what is the sentence for which you
are searching effective _for_?  These thinkers were each trying to
communicate something new, something valuable, and maybe the most effective
sentences either were already taken, or had let them down... 
I guess I am kind of leery of any routes that are too awfully effective to
a good education.  Such a good path may be the one which is most efficient,
yes, but also the most laid out, most trodden... An emphasis on efficiency
is not a philosophically neutral position either, as I'm sure you know.
should we or should we not leave the realm of thought, if not others,
alone, not placing on it our logic of efficiency, means/ends, etc..?   

I've chosen to leave alone your talk of how Michel Foucault "spent the last
part of his life in the bathhouses of San Francisco infecting young
homosexuals with the aids that he was dying from as an exercise in 
personal power and efficacy."   ... I think I might get too emotional over
such a topic, and I'm sure this list will take on that job... 

 dan griesbach 


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