File spoon-archives/foucault.archive/foucault_1998/foucault.9804, message 62

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:01:19 +1200
Subject: Re: Foucault and Hayek

I have been off-line for some months but in reading past messages I find 
an interesting suggestion from Daniel Smith that Foucault had read 

I think there is a connection between Foucault and the Asutrian school 
through Foucault's interest in Binswanger - Hayek also fancied himself 
as a psychologist.

Does anyone else have any more clues on this? there is also a paragraph 
towards the end of the first lecture in 'two lectures (P/K) where 
Foucault draws similarities between the economism of Marxism and 
later/neo perhaps? Liberalism - but I don't really know if this is 
connected to his reading of Hayek. 



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