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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 16:31:17 EDT
Subject: event reminder

The East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy is sponsoring a two-day
exploration of "Madness in the Second Half of the Century: Looking Back at
R.D. Laing" in New York City on Friday, May 1 from 6-10 pm and Saturday, May 2
from 2-6 pm and 8-10 pm.  The two day conversation and performance, will bring
together psychotherapists and social scientists who knew Laing personally--as
patients, students, colleagues and friends--and practitioners and leading
theoreticians of the new movements for radically humanistic psychologies and

In addition to panels and small group discussions, the two days will also
feature a full length film about Laing: "Didn’t You Used To Be R.D. Laing?".
The film, which has been called the most definitive film about Laing, was made
in 1987, three months before Laing’s death.

Friday’s event will be held at NYU Medical Center, 401 East 30th Street,
Schwartz E (between First Avenue and FDR Drive) and Saturday’s sessions are a
Performance of a Lifetime, 588 Broadway, Room 403 (between Houston and

Tickets are $35 for Friday and $85 for Friday and Saturday (Saturday’s
experiential workshop is for those who wish to work directly with the guest
presenters and further explore issues raised in the Friday evening session.
Saturday session limited to 80 people.

For tickets and information, call (212) 941-89-6 or e-mail


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