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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 15:16:41 +1000
Subject: Re: question relating to Bourdieu and Foucault

in _An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology_ Wacquant suggests that 
Bourdieu's notion of "strategy without a strategist" is not unlike 
Foucault's except "that the latter lacks the dispositional concept of 
habitus to link the objective structures bequeathed by history to the 
historical practices of agents and, therefore, a mechanism to account 
for the social patterning and objective meaning of 
Any comments? While I'm reasonably sure Foucault would not like 
Bourdieu's language here- ie the objective meaning of strategies- I'm 
not entirely convinced that does not give an account of what Bourdieu 
might call the relationship between habitus and field or 
dispositions, strategies and `objective' social structures etc.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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