File spoon-archives/foucault.archive/foucault_1998/foucault.9806, message 18

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 09:46:16 +0800
Subject: Re: "WIN A HOLIDAY" is a known virus HOAX!

>> But aren't attachments closed files that would need to be opened in order to
>> activate a virus?  Even if you agree to a prompt to save an attached file, it
>> seems that file would be inert until one opened it.  If you trash an infected
>> file before opening it, it seems you should be safe.
>Is the act of opening always so crearly delimited?  I thought that the fancier
>mailers would just "decode" the attachment and show it in the form appropriate 
>to it.  If not, then I recant.  

Without being aware of the coding details of "opening" of "reading" of
files/e-mails, I have had personal experience of receiving an e-mail, and on
only reading it with Eudora, a screen-saver programme executed itself,
installed itself and took over from my previous screensaver...



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