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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 07:35:42 EDT
Subject: Re: reification, agency, Habermas

   Your juxtapositioning of Marx, Foucault, and Habermas was helpful to me. I
have only one question. It sounds as this movement you speak of as
"colonization" involves one discourse overcoming another (disciplinary
apparati colonize juridical apparati, for example).  Although I am not versed
in Habermas' thought, I do have a feeling that if my understanding of your use
of "colonization" is adequate, then something other than a discourse
overcoming another discourse is at work in both Marx and Foucault. I am under
the impression that one discourses emerges from within another (Socialism out
of Capitalism or Biopolitics out of Sovereignty), and that this emergence is
the 'birth" that the genealogoical method addesses.  
     Does this have import to your  comparison? How does Habermas'
colonization of life world's relate to what I am speaking of as a sense of the
emergence of a discourse?
Chad Wilson


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